Entries and weigh-ins will take place at this location

Noodling Tournaments (Dates Pending)

Payout: ie-100 Entries 

1st - $1137.50   2nd  $812.50    3rd $650   4th $487.50   5th $162.50    13th $500

rules and regulations

The rules are simple, and no attempted cheating will be tolerated. Wildlife conservation officers will be ever present at each check-in location, so mind the laws and have your fishing license and paddlefish permit at the ready.

Competitors may snag as long as  they wish during allotted time frame, but only one fish may be tagged and entered @ weigh-in.

  • $50 entry fee , books open @ 9 a m and tournament ends @ 3 p m

  • Entries will be taken until noon @ location

  • After fish are properly tagged, competitors may weigh their fish at any time during tournament hours and the official weight will be recorded on the board.

  • Jackpot based on a 2/3rds payback model with a 35/25/20/15/5 split based on 100 entries, with a $500 bonus for 13th place​

watch for dates in the fall '18

upcoming soon noodling tournaments 


april 28, 2018 spoonbill tournament

battle Cat jackpot series

  $50 Entry Fee (cash only)

Times 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m​​

Location: Grand river - Low Water Dam Store  5866 S 437 Locust Grove, Oklahoma 74352

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all season's hunting and fishing guide

varmint vendeta jackpot series resurrected; coming in winter of '19

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